Transpersonal Therapy

Transpersonal means ‘beyond the personal’ and the aim of this therapy is to explore what exists above what is already apparent to us. It seeks to provide harmony between mind, body and spirit, which is necessary for life to be fulfilling and joyful. It is holistic in approach, with the individual being appreciated for their wholeness, their conscious, unconscious and spiritual (which may or may not imply religious) aspects.

Together with the therapist, the client will discover and explore the different levels of being. They will begin to recognise elements that represent their public persona, their darker side ­­— the side they try to hide, even from themselves, but which comes out when they are angry, scared or upset — and their inner voice that is able to look upon all other aspects of their being as though it were a separate entity.

Ultimately, the aim of transpersonal therapy is integration, self-acceptance, authenticity and fulfilment.

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