Integrative Psychotherapy

As the name implies, Integrative Psychotherapies are a unique combination of many styles and techniques drawn from the Psychoanalytic, Jungian, Humanistic and Transpersonal fields. It emphasises the uniqueness of the human being and focuses on creating a safe environment in which an individual may explore childhood experiences and whether and how these affect daily living.

The role of Integrative Psychotherapy involves the therapist creating an atmosphere of safety and acceptance. The therapy is seen as a journey in which both therapist and client/patient are a team working together towards the same goals. Therefore the role of the therapist is seen very much as a guide in the individual's journey of self-recognition.

Integrative psychotherapists work intuitively, often drawing from a large 'toolbox' of different skills and trainings, which may include some, or all, of the following:

 Art Therapy * Body Work * Drama Therapy * Gestalt Therapy * Primal Therapy * Psychosynthesis *
 Movement Therapy * Regression Work * Client-Centred Counselling * Transactional Analysis *
 Transpersonal/Spiritual Therapy * Visualisations * Voice Therapy *

Integrative Psychotherapy encourages each individual to recognise their potentials and choices. It therefore offers the client the opportunity for change if this is appropriate. Integrative Psychotherapy is practised in individual therapy, groups or workshops, with couples, families, adolescents and children.

Growth with solid foundations

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